Pillsbury is an international law firm with a particular focus on the technology & media, energy, financial services, real estate & construction, and travel & hospitality sectors. The firm has over 700 attorneys in offices located in the U.S., London, Asia, and the Middle East. Pillsbury is headquartered in Nashville, TN with 13 offices in the U.S.


Pillsbury needed about 50 new devices to upgrade their Washington, DC office. The customer did not want to own any equipment. They liked the idea of renting equipment and not having it on their books but didn’t want to be tied into a lease agreement. The customer was in need of a major upgrade for their Washington, D.C. office and the equipment cost was too high for an internal rental to continue to work.


FlexPrint purchased the customer’s entire fleet with the original 36-month deal. We allowed them to do internal rentals for 60-month terms for equipment add-ons.

We discussed the opportunity to refresh equipment and extend the contract with the CIO and Director of IT. We helped them understand that they were basically on a lease agreement with today’s contract and opened their mind to moving forward.

We provided them an opportunity to save them money and allowed an equipment refresh. Because we had a strong partnership, they were open to financing through a 3rd party.


We were able to get the customer on a new 60-month contract and upgrade 92 new devices to update their problematic devices along with the DC office upgrade. There is now opportunity to work on the other 12 U.S. locations and streamline their fleet.