Phoenix Children’s Academy is a family of schools with over 100 private and elementary campuses. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, PCA is spread across 15 states and serves over 16,000 students.


As PCA grew through acquisition, they assumed multiple leases on different schedules. They were spending $1.5M in printing per year across the organization.

The customer wanted to find a way to reduce cost per page, eliminate Ink Jets, and monitor their color printing. Most importantly, they needed to get a handle on the 71 lease agreements in place, as they were currently working with 8 different leasing companies and 17 different copier vendors.


FlexPrint eliminated 71 leases and standardized the fleet across all of the schools and removed all of the Inkjet Printers. Every service and supply order across every campus is now managed by FlexPrint. Our single source/national coverage model allows us to support all of their locations and provide PCA with the reporting that they really wanted.

FlexPrint provided PCA with the reporting analytics that they wanted, a way to streamline and improve efficiencies, and overall manageability as they continued to expand.


FlexPrint saved Phoenix Children’s Academy close to $100K per year.