Illinois College of Optometry is a 4-year private optometry college located in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Graduating approximately 160 optometrists a year, it is the largest optometry college in the United States and is the oldest continually operating educational facility dedicated solely to the teaching of optometrists. The college is headquarters in Chicago, Illinois with approximately 700 students and 180 employees among the 6 locations.


ICO previously utilized multiple vendors to manage their fleet. Canon Business Solutions provided service for all purchased copiers. Local companies provided the toner and repairs for the HP fleet. CDW was enlisted for HP printer parts.

New leadership at the College wanted to move towards a leasing model that would avoid large capital expenditures, reduce overall printing from staff, and charge the students for their print consumption. The CIO wanted to eliminate all printing/copying service calls from his IT staff because he believed it was using up too much of their time


We put all locations onto one managed plan and eliminated multiple vendors. Flexprint was able to service the entire fleet, whereas the competition was going to outsource the HP printer fleet service. We were the only company to approach the college with the student printing solution. Every other vendor was focused on the cheapest price, while we ultimately showed value – forming a strong relationship with the IT director and CIO helped to build a level of trust that no other vendor had been able to achieve.

We refreshed the entire fleet of copiers, eliminated wasted IT resources related to printing/copying help desk calls, and implemented a software solution that integrated with the student badges in order to charge printing to the student accounts. This generated revenue and eliminated discretionary printing.


Our program eliminated enough service calls to free up one FTE in the IT department. Overall savings of $18,000 per year for the service, supplies, and labor on all printing/copying devices. The newly implemented processes generated over $6,000 per year in revenue for the College through the student chargeback system.