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Calling Ricoh Top Performers

Getting a pink slip is never fun to receive…..especially if you are a top performer!

Don’t despair, the nation’s largest Managed Print Solutions provider is growing exponentially across the country, and we’re looking for people just like you to expand our reach with a national accounts role.  If you are a top performer and are looking to bridge your skills to a company that ranks amongst one of the top 50 companies in the nation to sell for, send us your information – we want to talk to you!

Side Note:  We’d imagine that if you were at Ricoh for a lengthy amount of time, your resume probably isn’t updated…..or you may not have one at all.  NO WORRIES….  just jot down your experience in the box below, and tell us why you are a top performer.  We’ll give you some time to create/update a resume!

  • Drop files here or
  • Don't be shy....this is your opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants, and we want to know. Why should we read your resume above everyone else?
    What is your area of expertise? Which vertical markets have you had the most success in?